My name is Francisco Cepeda. I am writing this blog hoping to share personal life stories that are of interest to men. Although women are more than welcome to read and respond, I will be presenting a variety of issues that mainly men face. Although I am not heterosexist and I apologize in advance if some of my language comes across as sexist, in no way am I trying to devalue or undermine females. The reality is much of what I represent and adhere to comes from the only one I submit my life to-Jesus Christ. As a cradle Catholic, I have veered off the path numerous times only to be redirected to “The way, the truth, and the life.” I do not endorse any political parties or views, nor do I condone a superior religion or creed. I firmly believe that we are more alike than different. Join me on this journey and feel free to read, comment, and participate. Whether you are an atheist, cradle Catholicm.


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